Gotta clean slate in twenty one eight.

Let's do this!

Wow. My year of firsts is over.. yeah, I know, all of the firsts have not yet been covered.. that's what the rest of my life is for.. but that first step was a doozy! What a year of growth.. making friendships.. ..learning that it's ok to ask for help.. ..finding routines and rhythms that work for the all day every day grind.. ..keeping my cup full, so I can keep this train moving forward. Only one engineer around here, baby. Toot toot!

Many things to be grateful for this year. As I write this, I am sitting comfortably snowbound... the driveway somewhere below 21" of snow. We have propane, electricity, water, food, each other, and even phone and internet. Not much more we need. I live in a tough little place out here, but am surrounded by a tough little community. I have the most wonderful job in the world which allows me to not only single handedly keep our heads above water, but to also be with my kids while I do so. I am so lucky to have not missed out on these precious years.. all too short before they busy themselves with school and friendships.

Thanks, Twenty One-Eight, it has gone pretty great.

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