A Day in the Life... 4

And so 2018 comes to a graceful close..

This is such a pretty place to live.. we enjoyed some fall hikes and collected beautiful colored leaves.. the weather was just wonderful and we got in some fun family rides.

My birthday was very nice this year. On my birthday day, Mom came up and really made my day special. She hung green tinsel decorations, balloons, had a pretty table cloth… she made me chicken friend steak and biscuits for breakfast, and ice cream sundaes for dinner. Can't beat that! It was really nice, and I really enjoyed her company. And then that weekend we went to the Bosque for the Festival of the Cranes and it was just fun and nice. Nice way to kick off my 37th year! ..actually I'm kicking off my 38th year, celebrating the finish of my 37th year. Details.. details...

Ice Feathers

Levitating Balloons

Horse in a Truck


Snow Storm!