A Day in the Life... 3

Big turnover this quarter.. With great trepidation, I decided to rehome my mustangs.. after a come-to-jesus, I sent Reina for some professional training.. and when that illumined the writing on the wall that I had been ignoring for a while, I started looking for a good place for her and Ranger. And in the mean time I was looking for a family friendly equine buddy who would join us and show the kids the wonders of the horse world. And via a referral of a referral, Brody and I found each other. Boy, is he quite the horse. He's an ex-roper, and has the hot moves to show for it, but he's got a very level head on his shoulders and is good with the kids. And you know me.. while I was at the ranch checking out Brody, I noticed a super skinny horse by the name of Sunshine.. a wrack of bones. I asked his story.. he was a rescue who had escaped his prior home with probably only days to spare. So, an idea was born.. a trade was made.. and bam.. Reina and Ranger were brought to their new home on the day that I brought Sunshine back to his. Sunshine is a big boy.. even bigger now with some meat on his bones. He's super good with the kids.. he's kind of like riding a mobile home.. slow, inertial, and very, very big. He'll take good care of the kids.. by not doing much with them. I still doubt my decision to give away the mustangs, especially Reina.. if horses were as easy to keep as cats, they would still be with me.. but hopefully now they are enjoying some work and attention instead of boring their lives away.

And sadly, we said good bye to Storm this September. Her's was a hard, hard end. ..for both of us.. Hindsight is 20/20, and I should've called a vet a couple weeks earlier, but she's made such dips and recoveries this past year that I figured this was yet another low that she'd pull out of.. .... poor Storm. We miss you, girl.

Lily's First Ride


Birthday Girl

Meet Sunshine

Guy's First Day of First Grade


A bath!

At the Bus Stop



Tufted Evening Primrose