This was a hard Halloween for me.. the first I've not spent with my kids. Not what I had in mind back when I started a family. My, how life dodges expectations. It could be worse, however, so on we move I guess.

We had fun doing family stuff together. We saw the Estancia Punkin' Chunkin' parade, then headed to McCall's to do the corn maze. We found our way through! We carved pumpkins, with Guy and Joe carving theirs that we grew in our own garden. Ahh.. that is satisfaction.

We were so kindly invited to one of the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to do their cool trunk-or-treat on the Saturday before Halloween. It was so nice to be welcomed and included in their fun kid festivities. The folks there were super nice, and we had a great evening of food, games, and company. And made quite a nice haul of good quality candy. :) That was great! Thanks, Shan!

Corn Maze