We had a really nice Halloween! Our annual party was a blast. Our pumpkins were fabulous, the brisket came out great, the hayride went well without a hitch, and our costumes were fun. A good time was had by all. Thanks everyone for helping make it a good day!

And then I got to be a room mom for Guy's school Halloween party. I made monster cupcakes - it was so fun decorating them - and they actually came out not fugly! :)

Mom and Lauren came up and we hit Estancia for some trick or treating. First we did Guy's school's carnival and Guy won a cake at the cake walk! Then we did a trunk or treat at one of the churches. It was great. That church had the right idea: they were playing Toccata in Fugue loud enough to be heard outside, and they had a haunted house in their basement. We were just about to go in when a fire started.. so we got to see the fire truck instead. We were pretty tuckered out by then so we all went home to enjoy our loot.

But not wanting the night to end, we light a small fire out back to celebrate old school. It was a nice end to a great day.

Skeleton Cheesypoofs

Happy Girl!

Joe's Pumpkin

Hay Crew!

It's Kenny!

It's Kenny!

It's Kenny!

Our Pumpkin Family


They're pooped.

My Little Monster

She's gonna get you..

I was a room mom!!!

Guy's Party

Trick or Treating!

Mini Bon Fire