With trepidation I approached this Christmas. It was a bumpy approach. But approach we did.. and amidst all of the chaos and drama, we did our best to stay present and focused on the moments in front of us. To enjoy the sweetness of the times, to sit quietly, gazing at the tree, remembering when I was a child thinking about my future, and tying the past with the present.. accepting, mourning, and celebrating. It was interesting, for sure.

Different though this Christmas was from even my most left-field ruminations, it was still a good one. One where family came together, even amidst the horseshit, and old traditions were continued while new traditions were begun. Life goes on, and in the middle of the dark winter, the darkest time of the year, our lives are renewed, along with the sun.

Hats hats hats!


Estancia Christmas Parade

Stockings hung with care


This bastard

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning!

A video of Lily dancing to a Christmas decoration.

A video of Lily getting her Mannheim Groove on decorating the tree.