Shakin' up the mix in twenty one six!

2015 was a peculiar year. A double edged sword. It had some pretty crappy moments... the terrible process of putting in our rain harvesting system and the nasty strain it put on us; facing the depressing realization that perhaps our family was going to stay only 4; Mom's health scare.

But, for each of these stupid things, something good has come of it. Though not complete, and at too high a cost, we are finally harvesting rain - for once not under the thumb of the assholes who lied to us when we purchased this house. Fuckers. And with the rain came something else.. and we found out that our family will indeed be the Finley Five! And lastly, before the New Year was rung in, we find that Mom has nothing to worry about.

So, 2015, goodbye. You were hard.. but you were good.

Hello, 2016. What have you to show us?

Wow. 2016 brought me my baby girl! The best gift in the world!!! Now we are officially the Finley Five! Watch out world, here we come!

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