Lily's first Halloween! And what a fun Halloween it was. We had our annual Ho Down where we enjoyed a pit-cue brisket and pumpkin carving and a hay ride! The kids got to take turns driving the tractor this year, and that was fun.

We were heading in to town to celebrate Lily-pod's Third Month Birthday when I realized it was Mischief Night (the night before Halloween). So, in the spirit of spontenaeity (and mischief), after dinner we went to the store to pick up some supplies and paid a visit to a friend's and my sister's house. hehhehheh.

Trick or treating was fun. Ryan took us around her neighborhood where we all enjoyed an evening of begging treats. The boys dressed up as ferocious dinosaurs and Lily enjoyed the adventure as the Green Chile Lily Lee!!

The next day we gathered around the fire once more, enjoyed some hotdogs and told a few stories of loved ones passed. Hopefully the beginning of a new tradition.

Preparing the brisket

Lily's first fire!


Unveiling the meat


Man work


Getting our Mischief on

Getting ready for trick or treating!

Green Chile Lily Lee!

Day of the Dead