Lily's first Christmas! Wow.

We tried to balance the whirlwind of schedules with the simple togetherness of activities, a little tough with all of Fin's job stuff going on plus a new baby. But it's worth pushing through to make things work. We enjoyed making cookies and seeing Santa in the Christmas parade. We celebrated the Winter Solstice with a mini bon fire and I for one am glad the sun will be making more of an appearance to warm up these cold winter days. We even made a ginger bread house, and I was so impressed with the boys' meticulousness in adorning it.

We enjoyed a very sweet Christmas eve and morning at our place. It is such a joy to draw out the anticipation and to finally come together as a little family to sit on the floor by the tree and fire, opening presents, one by one. The kids had a blast - even Lily was into it. I am truly enjoying Christmas on the "other side".. watching the kids have fun, actually taking turns, feeling bountiful. We are indeed blessed being able to receive the gifts of friends and family. The kids see the gifts as new toys and hours upon hours of fresh new fun.. I see the gifts as the time and thought spent by the givers, and nothing is worth more than someone's time and attention.

Solstice Fire

Gingerbread House!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning!