Corn Maze

We were going to go up to the mountain and see the pretty fall leaves, but the mountain was shrouded in storm so we decided to go to McCall's pumpkin patch and do the corn maze instead! It was so fun! We got a little map and kept track of the turns and successfully found our way back to civilization. It was a big adventure - and the stakes were high.. a huge storm was on its way to us and the lightning was getting closer and closer.. lending a sense of urgency to the whole adventure. We made it out of the maze just in time.. we got big hail and lots of rain.. but we enjoyed waiting it out under the roof of the corn box (a sand box filled with corn). When there was a break in the rain, we took a train ride to watch the pumpkin chunker chunk a punkin. How much punkin could a punkin chunker chunk if the punkin chunker could chunk punkin? Lastly, they closed the park and gave us all rain checks so we could come again - which we did. It was very nice.

Dad's first ever corn maze adventure

Corn Box

The storm

Train ride!

Punkin' Chunkin'

Here is a movie of the punkin' chunkin'.