Remember the
of the Hoh.

We so enjoyed the trip to Washington last year that we decided to see her again. Once again we visited lovely Forks, the Pacific Ocean, and the Hoh Rainforest. We stayed in a wonderful cabin and had a magical time. It was so refreshing to see this place again.. to hear the life of the forest, and feel the breath of the ocean. This place is good for the soul; and I very much enjoyed sharing these special parts of nature with my boys. It was fun picking rocks and exploring a starfish together at the beach, and examining all of the different mosses of the forest.

Sadly, this was our last non-rev trip (for awhile at least). This was the hardest part of Fin's job to let go (for me) and it was very sad leaving Washington not knowing when we'd be back.

But, we will be back. Joe got to see this lovely place, to smell the sea, and to feel the immortal forest. It has made its imprint on him, as it has on all of us. We will be back.

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