Rocket Day

Knock knock! Who's there? Orange? Orange Who? Orang-holy shit that's alot of orange!

Wowza, what a year! Another wonderful rocket day! And Joe's very first (we picked the t-shirt color in his honor). At the 11th hour, I assembled and painted his rocket and he got to help launch it. This was a fun year. Mike and Patty once again brought lots of fun things to do. Adrian cooked some tasty burgers and dogs over the fire (totally cool). Dad made and shot a ping ball canon that operates on a vacuum. Fun and food - and rockets - abounded. What a great weekend!

The Rocket Family groweth. ... must .. make ... more ... t-shirts...

Building Paper Rockets

Joe's First Rocket!

The Launch

5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

The Shitter Flies Again!

Un tz un tz un tz...

The Reading


The Whole Party

The Ryan-Finley Family

The Westerfield Family

The Adrian Family