Joe's Introductory Pecos

Though it was late in the year, we still got up to Pecos for Joe's introductory trip. It was a bit chilly and the kids were a bit ..needy.. but I'm still glad we did it, though I think our camp neighbors would beg to differ.

We didn't backpack this year as we couldn't figure out the logistics of carrying all our gear plus both kids. I tried putting Reina to use, but after all the work practicing carrying gear, she wouldn't load into the trailer. Sigh. So, we car camped and day hiked instead. We camped old school and instead of using sleeping bags, we just made a family sized bed and slept four abreast (plus Storm at our feet) in the tent of horrors. We used our futon as the mattress and tons of blankets on top. The bed was really comfortable except for the kid infestation. Talk about a positive feedback cycle of whining and crying.

The next day we hit the trail and had a great hike out. We passed the place where I fell in love with Fin and of course stopped and took a family picture. What did we get ourselves in to? :) Amazingly, on the way back, just like the first time so many years ago, it started to rain and hail. So, we hustled back, and, secretly grateful that we had an excuse not to spend another night, we tore down camp in a wet hurry and bounded home. Five sopping Finleys steaming up the car.

See you next year, Pecos. We'll be back!

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