Oh Montana, how I love you so. This was a really nice trip. Little Joe got to meet the family and we all had fun visiting and going on adventures.

For some reason, I was keenly aware of the passing of time this trip.. I don't mean the hours, I mean the years. I guess it was because my early memories of Montana are now starting to overlap with Guy's experiences, and everywhere we went brought back the good ol' days. This awareness is a double edged blade... I like appreciating, but boy, was it painful to leave when it came time... I think I must've left something behind, I still get a pang looking at these pictures.

Heading Out

First Flight

All Set!

Joe Meets Grandma Ryan


Joe Meet Family!

Good Food and Good Laughs

Visiting Grandpa

Joe Meet Joe

Beautiful Montana

The Movie

Family Hike to the Rattlesnake!

Carl 'n Joe


Olive Etiquette

Super Awesome Truck Land

The Passing of The Bacon


The Yard