Memorial Day Weekend

We had one of the best family get-togethers in a long time this Memorial Day weekend. The weather was great, my big sis was there, everyone was in good spirits, and fun was had by all.

Alot of the following pics are redundant, but together they seem to capture the spirit of the moments. I like the family photo sequence - taken by two cameras: Fin's phone which was snapping every thirty seconds, and my camera on a tripod.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day of hanging out, lunch at El Camino restaurant, and an evening of games and old family stories. Sunday brought a fun trip to the park, a delicious lunch, and an afternoon of more games!

Life is Good.

El Camino

Just chillin'

That's my boy...

Ready for a beer.

Boys in Chairz



The Board

Bath Time!


A day at the Park

Horsin' around

The Gathering