Joe's Debut

Joseph Laurence Finley

Born 06:10 February 5th, 2014
8 pounds, 1.6 ounces
21 inches long

As these things usually go, what started out as a mundane Monday turned into a several day adventure. We left the house Monday at noon for a routine prenatal and some errands and didn't come home until Thursday night. Good thing we had the car packed for Peanut's delivery, because little did we know, that's just what we were headed in for.

And thanks go to our wonderful neighbors who, with no notice, took care of our place while we were gone.

My prenatal took a scary turn when my midwife felt my belly and realized that Peanut was breech. Immediately after the appointment, we checked in to a hotel in town to get to work on some exercises that would hopefully help him turn.

The ‘rents all came up right away to take care of Guy. We were amazed and grateful to see how quickly everyone mobilized. We got three rooms close to each other in the hotel.

The rest of the day was spent doing exercises. We ate at Chile’s all together and then it was back to work for me. At the end of the day, Fin and I went to the pool one last time, alone.  We were the only ones in the whole room.  It was quiet except for the gentle sounds of the water and the hum of the filters.  I did hand stand after hand stand.  Then we noticed the snow.. looking out the window we saw the most beautiful sight.  Incredibly big snow flakes were just floating down in the glow of the lights... it was snowing heavily.  

It was surreal.  

Standing, shivering in the pool.. shivering from cold and the fear of what the next day would bring… just the three of us, watching the beautiful snow falling and falling. The snow continued until we went to bed.. blanketing all around us with a peaceful calm.  We took it as a sign of comfort, a sign that all would turn out ok.

The version (external cephalic version) the next morning worked, though they had some trouble and midway we were all scared that they wouldn’t be successful. It was hard on Peanut, though, and after observing him for a bit, the doctor strongly recommended that I get induced. That was a scary proposition to me, though not as scary as the alternatives. After discussing things with my midwife, we decided to go ahead and kickstart my labor.

My midwife, Rebecca Leeman, is so awesome. She was genuinely concerned about us and came to my room after the version to check on me - even though she was off work. She’s the one who admitted me for the induction, and, after going home only briefly to check on her family, she came back and attended to me for the rest of my labor - all through the long night.

Labor went smoothly and relatively quickly. I started around 22:00 on the 4th and out popped Joe at 6:10 on the 5th!

And then we were four!

Crusin' into town

Flip baby, flip.


Surreal Night

Chillin' in observation

Bow wow wow, yippy yo, yippy yay

Let's rock this



Happy Daddy

Happy Grandma!

The Family

Bye bye!

Homeward bound


Mom and Skipper

Big Boy



Tough times..


So kind

Into the Mountains

Taking a break.