We had a great Halloween party this year. Everyone came up and we did pumpkins, hay ride, and the usual. My parents came up early and we went for a nice hike at 4th of July, hoping to see the colorful leaves (too late in the year to see the full display). At the end of the day (Friday), we built a big fire, cooked up some ‘dogs and threw a couple of roasts on the coals. The next day, late morning, we opened it up and the meat was absolutely perfect. Moist and super tender. We put the meat back down and put the cover on to keep it warm until dinner - big mistake. We didn't seal the pit and the air brought the fire back to life and burned and dried out the meat. Oops. Next time.

Saturday festivities were great. Guy did his pumpkin all by himself this year. He used a couple of stick-on foam kits that I bought and did a very nice job. First, he made a face on his little pumpkin that he got at the pumpkin patch. Then he started making a dracula face on another pumpkin, but the hair line looked like a car to him, so he made a car out of the pieces - complete with tires and head lights. He did such a good job and worked meticulously on it.

The hay ride was fun.. Guy drove the tractor with Fin and Joe enjoyed the ride as well! It was fun putting on costumes (though next year we need to do that way earlier to prevent kid meltdowns, and so we can appreciate the costumes more).

Since Halloween fell on a Friday this year, we went down to Socorro to do some real trick or treating with the grand parents. It was super awesome to troll the streets like the good ol' days. The boys landed a pretty good payload and enjoyed themselves even though we were up pretty late. How fun!



Hard at work

Dracula? No, a car.

Our pumpkins!


What costumes?

Looking Studly!

Ready for Action!

Lobster Safety