We had big Easter plans this year. We were going to host it and have all of the family up to find eggs mountain-style. But of course things didn't go to plan..

Fin got home on Friday, the day before everyone was coming up, at about 8 pm, just in time to read a book and put Guy to bed. Near midnight, Guy woke up crying, wheezing, and with a barking cough. Fin called Guy's doctor, I called my mom. Both said to take him to the ER, so at 1:30 in the morning, we rounded up the troops and made a fun trip in to town! Guy got some treatment and an x-ray which he was exceptionally good for. We got some breakfast for the road and were home by 8 Saturday morning.

We decided to call off the Easter family festivities so as not to infect everyone else, and had a quiet Easter with just the four of us.

Guy and I dyed five dozen eggs. Guy had fun dipping eggs and drinking the dye, while I had fun with a new technique using oil to make spattered and tie-dye eggs.

Depending on how you had the oil in there it made different patterns. A lot of oil left mostly white egg, a little oil made a mostly colored one. Moving the egg versus letting it sit still in the oil made different designs. Dying the egg in another color worked with then dying in the oil except that you had to let the first dye job dry completely. You could also spread the oil on the egg with your hand or fingers. Also, I found that homemade die with food coloring worked much better than the tablets from the packets. I used 10 droplets of food coloring, one teaspoon of vinegar, and half a cup of boiling hot water.

Even though things weren't as we planned them, we had a nice time together.

Easter Aloe

Dyeing Eggs, 30 seconds in.


Easter Boy

Easter Selfie

High Speed Hunter

Easter selfie 2.

Checking Jefferson

And here are some movies of Guy finding eggs.