Father's Day Weekend

The long-awaited Cliff's Day! This was the boys' first. Guy had fun, but with a bit of trepidation at first... though, once he saw the car ride, he realized it was going to be a fun day. Like many mom's, I think I had more fun watching Guy on the rides than riding them myself.. except for the log plume.. and carousel. We had fun, saw our friend who lives in Alaska, but happened to be down in town that week, at icecream, corndogs, burgers, and I think some cotton candy. Yum!

Then we celebrated Father's day in Socorro. It was a nice weekend of relaxing out back, playing games, and enjoying good food. Guy really enjoyed playing in the pool, and boy is he cute! Of course, Joe, my little fish, also had a blast in the pool.

Oh boy!

Guy's First Ride

Joe's First Ride Too!



Father's Day Weekend

Shootin the Breeze