We had a wonderful Halloween Ho-Down this year. The whole family made it, yet again. Even Lizzie made it down from Utah.

The tractor was having issues with her hydrolic pump this year so we couldn't lift her plow to pull the trailer. BlueJay stepped up to the plate, as usual, and saved the day. Limey wasn't sure what to make of the hay ride. I think perhaps he didn't like the wind blowing in his face.. but as soon as we stopped, he wanted back on the trailer!

Everyone made great pumpkins this year. This was the Year of the Power Tools. I made a peanut, in honor of Peanut, and decided that all that detail work was best left to a Dremmel tool.. My dad made an emoticon smiley face and used a drill to make the eyes. Kenny's pumpkin was hilarious as usual and, as he said, was 'performance art' this year.

And, to top it all off, we did costumes this year, and that was great!

Hay Ride Time!

Everyone's having a good time!

Our Steed

Working the sand

Yummy! Pumpkin guts!

Precision work requires precision tools.

Kenny's Pumpkin

The year of the powertools.

Dinosaur and Park Ranger

Kenny the Barbarian

Cat and Hunter

Happy Birthday, Dave!

The Pumpkins!

A pumpkin for Peanut