Conveyance Lines

August 08, 2015

Very exciting getting to this point. Point A and B are getting connected! It was painful watching more of my yard getting torn up.. and my internet.. and my sewer.. and my heart.. and my internet again.. but you know, growth hurts, right? ..right? I'll never forget the long journeys out to the barn and back with the kids in tow. Crossing the mountains of dirt and cavernous trenches several times a day. Guy learned to climb over and through, but it was a tall order for little Joe. This was a difficult part of the project. Money was growing scarce and tensions were mounting... and erupting. I hated thinking about this damnable thing - this beast seemingly tearing our world apart. Looking back and seeing how far we've come and looking for the good in people were the beacons guiding us onward. I was surprised at the depth of my relief when the pipes were finally buried and the trenches filled.. the land can heal again, and so can we.

Originally we were going to install a cascade filter along the main conveyance line (after the junction); however, we changed our mind. Firstly, the filter reduced our overall system capacity to 90% at input flows much less than we are expecting (and the greater the flow, the more inefficient it gets). They also did a poor job marketing and indicated that the connections were all 6", but the input was 6" while the output was 4" which is just unacceptable for the main conveyance line. The final factor was the land. This filter required about a 2' drop between input and output and we wouldn't've been able to meet that requirement while maintaining a negative slope for the rest of the line. As it turned out, we just barely had the drop we needed (we lost about three feet of drop because we couldn't bury the tanks as deep as we'd hoped) even without the filter.

We used the following page to get a feel for the capacities of our designed conveyance lines. We decided to go big and use 6" pipes all around. Pipe Capacities

The type of phone cable we've got going on: 22 gauge, gel filled, gopher resistant.


Talking through the pipes to each other.
East side looking south.
South side looking west.
North west corner.
West side looking north.
West side looking south.
Southeast corner. Notice placement of french drain for sink.
Southeast corner and a bit of the south wall.
Southeast corner.
South side of barn, north is up.
Southwest corner, north is to the right. Top pipe is from the downspout
Southwest corner.
Southwest corner.
Southwest corner.
West side. North is up.
Northwest corner, looking at west side.
Northeast corner, looking west.


Working to find the well line to the house.
Well power line and water line to the house.
Well power line and water line to the house.
Septic consultation.
North east corner, porch.
North east corner around landscaping.
North east corner, not the porch.
North side, looking west.
North west corner, looking north east.
Fixing the internet, part 1.
South east corner, looking east.
South east corner, looking north west.
South east side, looking north east.
Northernmost south east corner, looking north east.
Northernmost south east corner.
Southern back porch.
Septic system patch.

Main Lines

Fixing internet, part 2.
Details of internet cable.
Junction of barn and main, looking up to barn.
Junction of barn and main line.
Junction of barn, house, and main lines.
Junction of house and main line.
Order 6" pipe and fittings (9 hrs)$316
Receive and unload 6" pipe and fittings (1.5 hrs)$93
Assemble 6" pipe and fittings (16.5 hrs)$1683
Barn trenches and pipe installation (11.5 hrs)$690
Properly slope barn pipes, backfill (10 hrs)$600
Dig trenches (9 hrs)$183
Dig to find phone line (8.5 hrs)$340
Move landscaping (13.5 hrs)$650
Dig across driveway (8 hrs)$640
Cut concrete$420
Dig to locate existing barn water and electric line$540
Install conveyance line (10 hrs)$612
Backfill trenches (17 hrs)$775
Repair phone line (4.5 hrs)$287
Locate and unearth well water and power, and repair septic (4 hrs)$320
6" Pipe and Fittings$3143
6" couplings and reducing bushing$53
4" and 6" Pipe and delivery$3244
6" 1/4 & 1/8 bends$419
6" 90 degree pipe fittings$257
Glue for pipes$123