August 03, 2015

We worked with ABQ Gutter Pros to install commercial grade gutters. They installed about 320 feet of steel gutters on the house and barn and 14 downspouts (marked here). The color we chose was charcoal gray and it matched our house beautifully! We have a three year leak-free guarantee, though they said that we can do 50% down and 50% upon completion (with no leaks). So far, they still have work to do as they still leak in several places and need to finish installing the mesh gutter guards.

We would have saved substantial money if we would have worked directly with the gutter guys instead of subcontracting them. While our contractor was helpful in suggesting that we check the slope of the gutters and check for leaks and whatnot, these are things we could have done ourselves.

Digging out for the downspout trenches.
Our first gutters.
The first downspout (it's not crooked anymore).
Labor (10 hours of subcontracting with gutters)$350
Labor (4 hours of subcontracting with gutters)$160
Cutting concrete$420
Checking gutter slope (6 hrs)$240
1st half of gutter installation$4500
3rd quarter of gutter installation$2250
4th quarter of gutter installation$