July 07, 2015

The monsoon is upon us. And we're not ready. So, our faithful pump has once again proved its worth. We used it to drain the accumulated water from the pit so we could backfill with the pea gravel.

I got my own personal adventure in picking up the blue valve access pipes - if I didn't get them that day, we would be delayed about a week. The timing was such that I was just finishing working away from the house and was on my way to day care to pick up the boys and head home when I get a call from Fin. I would barely have time to get home, pick up the trailer, and return to town before the store closed. I've never hooked up a trailer so quickly. I actually broke a sweat. :) Once we were happily loaded and headed home, I drove through an amazing storm.. hail was piled up like snow on the road. Roads were washed out, cops were out 'helping', and it was generally wet mayhem. We got about 2 inches of rain in a very short time. I can't tell you how short because of course our weather station wasn't functioning (turns out our rain gauge was clogged with a juniper berry). It was cool.

Enter the trusty pump, once again, to drain the pit.

Getting the valve tubes.
Lotta rain.
More work to do, Pump.
Ready for tomorrow.
This pump is amazing. I highly recommend it.
Gravel delivery.
Guy's got this (on his front loader).
Lookin' good.
250 tons of pea gravel$7500
Grease and Fuel$269
Leaking riser (2.5 hrs)$153