Leveling the Hole

May 25, 2015

Nature abhors a vacuum... as luck would have it, we got a huge amount of rain to fill up that inviting hole in our yard. So, to prepare for the incoming tanks, we had to suck the water out. Our little pump did big things that day and night. We let it run most of the day, all night, and to the wee hours the next morning (Fin turned it off before he left for work). She just kept on a chuggin' and moved our pond over to the hillside. I'm sure the trees were excited about that. Then Rob scooped out the mud, down to the bedrock, and filled it all in with 12" of crusher fines.. He and Ricardo compacted and leveled that huge hole within 1/8" all around. Pretty nice!

And, as a bonus, Rob found not one, but TWO tiger salamanders in the pond. Since we were about to scoop out their muck and fill it in with crusher fines, we took them and gave them a new home. They continue to be pretty fun little critters.. they come out to say hi to us all the time and are really fun to feed.. jumping around for the chow and whatnot.

Our pond.
All done (almost)!
New friends.
Helping out.
Compacting the crusher fines.
Getting it perfect.
Hauling - pick up and delivery (3 days)$1125
Crusher Fines$1685
Compactor (4 days)$260