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Run for the Zoo!

Cinco de Mayo

This was a great year for the run. My time was 38:56, which for most is slow, but me - a personal best. I pushed myself hard and as I crossed the finish line, I was nearly overwhelmed by the awesome feeling of accomplishment. Not only was this a personal best, but it was after having Guy. Since pregnancy, my body has not felt the same.. not as capable, and unable to improve. But, I guess my bod' is just fine, and as capable as ever!

My dad also showed improvement since his last run, which is awesome! And Ryan is making her own way - this year she was held back by Grandma and Zee.. so watch out for Ryan at the next race, folks.

After the race, we all headed to the zoo to enjoy our free admission for the day. And then afterwards we went to a nice little diner on Central to enjoy a hearty post-race meal.