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The Run for the Zoo

May Day, 2011

We did it!!

Nine and half hours in to May, I fulfilled my New Year's resolution and did my first 5k! :)

The race was fantastic! The weather was funny... it was snowing, even in Albuquerque. But, it turns out that it was nice during the run to not be too hot.. and it was a great excuse for a post-race trip to Starbucks.

The course is a nice one.. it goes back behind the zoo (we saw the elephants!) and along the Rio for a bit, then through a really pretty park area.

We were racers 3954 (me) and 3955 (Fin). Our total time was 40:49 and our average pace was a 13:05 mile. We came in 1724th and 1725th place. There were 2010 racers in the 5k. The first place guy had a total time of 16:47, and a 5:23 mile! We let him win. You can see the results here.

It was too bad we were under time constraints to get Fin on a plane back to Texas for training, otherwise we could've enjoyed free admission to the zoo after the race. That's OK though, it was freezing out, and it'll be something to look forward to next year when the WHOLE N.M. FAMILY does the 5k!